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Drew StaufferAn industry design veteran who has successfully conquered both coasts, Drew Stauffer combines innovation with web standards to bring a blend of usability and creative vision to every project. As Director of Development for Wildfire Productions and CEO of Alibi Productions, Drew leaves no development stone unturned. He has published many articles on web standards and has been featured on WebProNews and Google News, and his companies count The Hyatt, BMW, and Michelin among their many satisfied clients.

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Are Three Blogs Better Than One?

Posted on Friday, May 25, 2007

As some of you may know, I write for three different blogs. Currently my day consists of writing for drewstauffer.com, my personal blog; alibiproductions.com, my personal company blog; and wildfireproductions.net, my professional company blog.

I am not a full time blogger and I still have a 9-5 design and development job so needless to say I don’t have oodles of time to devote to multiple blog posts on each blog every day.

I try to say that each blog is slightly tailored to a specific niche but I’m really just lying to myself. They’re all on website design, development, SEO and marketing solutions.

What do you think?

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Marko June 15, 2007

First of all I like the new blog design, looks great.

If all the sites are on the same things then either 1. separate the content and keep the topics on each blog specific to one niche or combine all three blogs and have one huge blog on everything. I personally combine everything in one but that doesn’t mean its the right or wrong way…

Single Grain June 26, 2007

I say you quit whinning and start writing more. lol just kidding. Honestly, it has hard to focus on three blog all at once, especially when they all have similar topics. Be sure you realize that each one of your blogs has a specific type of audience or at least a different audience(at least it should be that way). In your case I would say that you combine all your eforts into one blog. I personally would rather have one amazing blog that gets all loads of traffic then 3 decent blogs that get good traffic.

Drew Stauffer June 27, 2007

Marko & Single Grain:

Good points. I’d hate to stop posting on any of them. I’d rather just work harder to make all of them better. Who knows though…that does take a lot of time and effort.

Paul Palinkas August 19, 2007

The only reason to have multiple blogs is if your really have (not expect, but have) multiple audiences. Otherwise, what’s the reasoning behind having the separate blogs?

Never start with mutiple blogs, do it only if it helps your readers.

Clive September 05, 2007

Yes each does look great as Marko posted and I agree with Paul, but that said i also have my own advice.

keep it simple

The simplest of your 3 blogs seems to be your company blog wildfire.

I like it mostly because it addresses some of my personal needs as a small business owner.

So perhaps I am biased when the hat I wear from moment to moment may change. I was an accountant yesterday and well today I am an illustrator, later on I’ll be hand coding and taking some photo’s, writing for an hour or two and then testing some marketing or code i wrote last week. Mostly I fix other peoples text so it shines and makes the focus obvious.

Unfortunately this makes me less likely to pay close attention to my own work which is developing new ideas into plans and getting them financed then built into corporations.

Far more than writing for a few blogs I am writing, accounting, creating, shooting, illustrating, coding, testing etc all day and every day. I dread those sales days especially when it’s all on the phone. I wish I could settle down, contributing to one thing. But that would be at a loss for several other ideas now in full flight. Were I to question this approach I may begin to doubt myself. If I delegate i lose some control and I am fine with this but should an error arise I wonder if i should have kept doing this myself.

Keep up the great work, I’m sure if I were to read all 3 I’d lose too much time. If they were combined I’d be forced to.

Now off to provide animation training then off to show another boomer how to be wired

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