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Drew StaufferAn industry design veteran who has successfully conquered both coasts, Drew Stauffer combines innovation with web standards to bring a blend of usability and creative vision to every project. As Director of Development for Wildfire Productions and CEO of Alibi Productions, Drew leaves no development stone unturned. He has published many articles on web standards and has been featured on WebProNews and Google News, and his companies count The Hyatt, BMW, and Michelin among their many satisfied clients.

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New Client Site

Posted on Thursday, April 08, 2010

The launching of a new site is always exciting. The last few months I have been deeply involved in the world of Expression Engine and probate law. Just last week I launched Statewide Probate, a law firm from my home town of Pensacola, Florida.

This was my first client site in EE and it went fairly smoothly. The site doesn’t have too many advanced features but being able to have multiple layouts with static and dynamic content was far easier than other systems I have worked with like Wordpress or Joomla.

Statewide mainly focuses on probate administration and real estate & property probate as well as offering numerous articles about the questions that go along with probate law. The staff at Statewide Probate was extremely hands on throughout the process and even took on the role of banner images.

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Updating Your Corporate Website

Posted on Friday, July 24, 2009

Redesigning a corporate website can be a huge task. Depending on the company, you can get a lot of cooks in the kitchen which can easily slow down the process.

I have worked at Jackson-Dawson (now Jackson Marketing Group) for the past two years and the redesign process has almost been going on the entire time. We were never in a huge hurry and really wanted to concentrate on “getting it right”, instead of just “get it done”.

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Stealing is Never O.K.

Posted on Saturday, August 18, 2007

I’m all for looking at other designers for inspiration in my own work, but I always try and take an “idea” from another designer…never the actual design.

I received a comment on my wildfire blog and naturally I wanted to check out who was nice enough to take the time. The second I saw the design I said, “that aint dan.” Dan Cederholm, a designer that I have tremendous respect for and consistently research his code has an outstanding portfolio. Naturally other people tend to steal his work and try to pass it off as their own. One day I spent an hour on Flickr reading an arugument about a company that blatantly stole Dan’s logo, but that’s a different story.

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Logo Notion by Steff Geissbuhler | HOW Design Conference Atlanta

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2007

Steff Geisbuhler is one of the world’s leading designers of logos & corporate identity programs. Steff was awarded the AIGA Medal for lifetime achievement in Graphic Design in 2005. He’s created identities for clients as diverse as Barney’s New York, Merck, NBC, National Public Radio and Time Warner.

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Drew Stauffer is revised again

Posted on Friday, July 14, 2006

With the intense heat that is plaguing Southern California, I have decided to look towards a cooler place. I re-designed this blog with a fall color scheme.  When I look at these colors I’m reminded of crisp days, leaves changing, orange skys and cold nights. Sadly enough these are seasons and feelings that never present themselves in San Diego. Although you can’t get too mad when the sun is shining everyday.

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Ugly websites that work

Posted on Monday, May 01, 2006

I’ve seen a lot of articles lately about why ugly sites are getting so much traffic. Some of these sites include Craig’s List and Plenty of Fish. These sites aren’t attractive, but they are getting traffic, why is that? Sites like Craig’s list are not design heavy at all. In fact it looks like they took the design budget and threw it out the window.

The fact is it’s easy, easy to use, easy to navigate, and easy to get out.  At the end of the day it’s all about usability. These sites get the repeat traffic because they are easy to use. Users can become comfortable with a layout of a site. People use what works for them.

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Do you have an alibi?

Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The face of Alibi Productions has changed again. Alibi began in 2002 and has served as my home for designing and developing in San Diego Ca. I began alibi to showcase all of my work while I was in college. Over the past 5 years it has grown from sketches on the napkins to designing and developing professional websites for 3 independent companies.

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Just Art Related

Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wildfire’s newest completed project, Just Art Related just went live in Nov ‘05.

Jalina came to us to develop and design a new website for her custom wedding invitation business. She had an existing website that worked but it wasn’t representing her business in the professional manner she wanted. We worked with her for about 3 months going over ever part of the company. Wildfire was able to develop a custom look that suited Just Art Related perfectly.

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