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Drew StaufferAn industry design veteran who has successfully conquered both coasts, Drew Stauffer combines innovation with web standards to bring a blend of usability and creative vision to every project. As Director of Development for Wildfire Productions and CEO of Alibi Productions, Drew leaves no development stone unturned. He has published many articles on web standards and has been featured on WebProNews and Google News, and his companies count The Hyatt, BMW, and Michelin among their many satisfied clients.

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We’re in Shambles

Posted on Thursday, December 10, 2009

After being tempted by ExpressionEngine for the last few weeks I’ve decided to move this blog onto it. I’ve been a Wordpress user since 2006 and have loved a lot about it. You can read my full explanation of switching from Wordpress to ExpressionEngine over on my Alibi blog.

I’ve had this blog, drewstauffer.com and my business site Alibi Productions for a long time. While I was getting this blog ready to be on EE I started to think that maybe having the two blogs wasn’t the best method. I basically write about the same things, except maybe this blog would have a few more personal posts…like cooking and vacation stuff. Obviously having the two blogs has hurt my posting schedule as well.

We’re done with all that

After a lot of thought I’ve decided to merge the two blogs into one. Hopefully in the next month or two I will only be posting on this blog (drewstauffer.com). I will import all of my Alibi posts into this blog and re-direct all the links over here.

I’ve got a new design that’s almost completed and I’m really excited about. Once I get all the template pages figured out I’ll be ready to start chunking it up.

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